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 In Your Complementary Taster Session I will introduce you to Emotional Freedom Technique and show how they quickly uncover the root cause of emotional problems.

We have the know-how you need.

  • Imagine how it would feel to be in control of your emotions again

  • Do you want to learn what is the root cause of most emotional problems?

  • Learn how Emotional Freedom Technique works to eliminate the root cause.

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Before I started working with Trevor I was at a very low point, and willing to try anything that could potentially help me. My anxiety was at an all-time high, and along with depression I was struggling to get through day to day life, fighting off panic attacks which was the scariest feeling I've ever felt. I felt like I was muddling through life on autopilot, and that I was failing my little boy by being so fed up day in day out. 


Trevor was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad I made that first appointment for the taster session. Trevor was warm and welcoming from the moment I met him, putting me at ease. He explained to me how my anxiety was based around unresolved trauma from my past (of which I'd had a lot!) and he also told me that we could resolve this! I'd never heard anybody say my anxiety could be resolved before and it was so refreshing - so I decided to give it my all.

As I had several traumas to work through, we decided to start with the most recent, where my partner had taken his own life and this is where we started the results were amazing.


It's been a few months since I last worked with Trevor and my life feels completely different to the way it was before. I'm able to enjoy my life now, instead of just 'existing' and going through the motions. I feel I have the ability to deal with things day to day and any bad memories or feelings that may occur.

I'm so pleased I took the plunge in making that first appointment and can't thank Trevor enough for enabling me to finally overcome my anxiety after so long. '


My son has been trapped in the vicious cycle of drugs for 5 years, constant battle as the drugs was taking was destroying him and everything around him. 
Public services just couldn't seem to help, they treat the child drug user as an adult and so unless their willing to engage there's nothing they can do.
Being an EFT practitioner I know the benefits of tapping and getting my son to agree to start working in this way was initially a battle on its own, how does tapping on your face while talking about what's going on to going help?
BUT it has and it Does.
Trevor has engaged really well with my son, and he taps on himself now.  We've had 4 sessions so far, progress is slow but effective, and being committed to the program/therapy is essential.  We've gone from daily drug use to 2/3 times a week so this is progress.  My son started experimenting with drugs when he was 12, he thought the drugs were helping him escape the outside world, and his inside thoughts.
Tapping with Trevor has helped clear and sooth the emotional charge which is starting to make way for new beginnings 
Changing old habits laced with drugs is not easy, Trevor has helped make this process comfortable and achievable, creating a safe space for my son to explore his unresolved emotions. It's a tough journey for a young person to do alone and so I would recommend Trevor to any family who needs that help, support and connection


I've always had a huge fear of the dentist, so when I found out I needed to have a wisdom tooth removed, along with my anxiety, I felt like I'd stepped into a nightmare. The thoughts of it consumed me and I'd cry daily.

I'd been in constant pain for weeks before I met Trevor.

Trevor put me at ease straight away, we had a cup of tea and a casual chat about what had brought me to him. Once we started the sessions, we dug a little deeper and discovered where the fear had originated from.

We did EFT and visualization techniques and he showed me the tapping technique, which I was able to take away with me and use myself.

I had one last session the day before my dental appointment, and Trevor gave me one last boost that I needed. He was an absolute star, even calling me just before my appointment - telling me 'I'll speak to you after you HAVE had it done'!

I'm pleased to say thanks to Trevor and the therapy, I managed the appointment and had the wisdom tooth removed, something I had been so sure I could never do. 

I can't thank Trevor enough, his techniques enabled me to face a phobia I'd had for 30 years and finally overcome it. '


Firstly my situation before my Taster Session was pretty grim I was at the end of the line, I felt I had tried every option therapy, medication, nothing was working. My symptoms were becoming worse, my anxiety was unbearable daily. 
I didn't have any worries about attending the Taster Session. I was very skeptical of it being able to help me as nothing had helped in the previous ten years or more. 
I felt totally at ease and in a safe environment Trevor made sure I felt okay before, during and after the session.
I think EFT is amazing in every way, after my first ever session I felt something shift or the energy in my body changed, I felt a lot calmer and relaxed my anxiety was almost non-existent anymore.

I continued with the EFT sessions and reap the rewards I had been having up to five anxiety attacks a day and now none!

I was now sleeping better, waking up in the mornings without dread, eating much better, in general life is just totally better in every way.