Sarah's Trauma Story

My traumas have affected me all of my adult life both mentally and emotionally.  And this has caused me to always have trust issues, particularly with men.

I found EFT very comforting, reassuring and non-intrusive.  The sessions were very relaxed with no pressure to go into extensive sad details.  The feeling of the pain leaving your body while the tapping is being used is a great feeling. It's fascinating that you can go from being very tearful thinking about the trauma to 15 minutes later being able to discuss it without feeling any sad emotions.

EFT is much more effective than conventional counselling as its indirect and the tapping is very comforting particularly around the areas on the face where you sometimes feel the sadness and pain.  Trevor is very understanding, compassionate, and patient and I felt completely at ease.  I have attended other counselling sessions and found I struggled to gel and trust the counsellor.

I found the results of the EFT therapy instant and could discuss my traumas without the connected sadness and anger.  I found in a 1-hour session I could work through many problem areas and although I felt very tired I also felt very refreshed after the session.

Since the sessions, I have noticed that if I think about the trauma, it does not make me feel tearful and sad like it used to.  I now look at it in a whole different light.  I feel like I have dealt with the issues and put them to bed for good.  I have found some inner peace at last.

I would strongly recommend EFT Therapy as it so different to any other therapy sessions I have tried.  The combination of the tapping and the words are very therapeutic, calming and reassuring.  I think anyone with post-traumatic stress disorder should give it a try as the results are very quick and effective.  The feeling of the negative, toxic energy leaving your body and mind is an amazing, liberating feeling

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John's Story of loss and anger.

Before I started EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting I had many negative experiences in my childhood and throughout my life and just recently I had lost my dad, which just added to the negative feelings I had about myself and life in general.

I have been an angry, aggressive and hostile person and have always reacted to people, places and things.

I went for my first session and felt nervous and apprehensive but kept an open mind.  It was about abandonment issues I had had from childhood, the anger, resentment, bitterness and not to mention the blame I had towards my mother.   But after going through the experience of EFT and matrix re-imprinting, I have replaced the image and feelings that were holding me back to a positive image and feeling.  The experience I had was nothing short of amazing and now when I go back to that same memory, there are no more negative emotions as they have been replaced by positive ones.

My second session was about neglect and again emotional abandonment issues which held the same negative feelings.  But by going through the same process and changing the negative image and feelings and flipping back to the image that I had replaced with the positive one … “wow”.

As I have been for more sessions and worked on more stuff, my attitude and aggression has calmed down a lot and I have found myself dealing with people and situations in a calmer and civil manner which leaves me feeling better about myself and adds to the positive feelings I already have from EFT and matrix re-imprinting.

I have also found that when I meditate I used to do a body scan from my head down to get rid of the negative energy, but I do EFT on myself before I meditate and there is now no need for the body scan as I have tapped that energy away before I start, and when I do 30 minutes of meditation, it feels like 10 minutes. 

I have felt a massive shift inside of myself and feel lighter, more confident and uplifted to the extent that I have a spring in my step and it has been noticeable by other people that I am a lot calmer.

If you are reading this, please don’t take my word for it, go ahead and experience it for yourself.  You will be amazed by the experiences you have by doing it, but also you deserve it and are worth it to be free of the negative experiences and feelings.

Wind in her Hair

Jane's story of overcoming anxiety and  Trauma

Before I started working with Trevor I was at a very low point, and willing to try anything that could potentially help me. My anxiety was at an all-time high, and along with depression I was struggling to get through day to day life, fighting off panic attacks which was the scariest feeling I've ever felt. I felt like I was muddling through life on autopilot, and that I was failing my little boy by being so fed up day in day out. 


Trevor was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad I made that first appointment for the taster session. Trevor was warm and welcoming from the moment I met him, putting me at ease. He explained to me how my anxiety was based around unresolved trauma from my past (of which I'd had a lot!) and he also told me that we could fix this! I'd never heard anybody say my anxiety could be fixed before and it was so refreshing - so I decided to give it my all.

As I had several traumas to work through, we decided to start with the most recent, where my partner had taken his own life. 


The techniques we used were easy to follow and the tapping worked brilliantly for me. The best result for me was being able to think about my partner’s suicide without feeling overwhelming anxiety any more, talking through the whole event over and over whilst tapping until I could do so comfortably. Of course it will always be upsetting but we worked through it to the point I felt more in control of my emotions and the anxiety and overwhelming guilt that I had been carrying.


It's been a few months since I last worked with Trevor and my life feels completely different to the way it was before. I'm able to enjoy my life now, instead of just 'existing' and going through the motions. I feel I have the ability to deal with things day to day and any bad memories or feelings that may occur.

I'm so pleased I took the plunge in making that first appointment and can't thank Trevor enough for enabling me to finally overcome my anxiety after so long. '

David's Story of resolving Trauma.

My name is David and I am 53 years old. My life before meeting Trevor, was one of an adult trying to come to terms with negative and confusing experiences of a child who grew up in the care system.  

When I was five years old, I remembered being left at home on my own with my younger brother, who was four years old and my sister , who was a couple of months old. On this particular night, my sister was crying in her pram and due to no electric in the house, I brought over a candle that had been left by my mum and lifted it from the fire place and brought to close to the pram , to see if my sister was ok . The candle fell into the pram and caught fire. We was all taken into care and did not live with our mum ever again.  

I have been in recovery for over ten years now from heroin and crack use. 25 years of addiction brought me to recovery and staying abstinent. I contacted Trevor because I was very aware of how my relationships with my children and my siblings was still painful and awkward at times. This was difficult for me to understand, because of all the work I have done on myself. I try to live life today with principles and values from a 12 step programme. I have two daughters aged 20 and 23. I also have a son aged 24. I have also been in a loving relationship for over 8 years.  

The troubles that I was experiencing with those I love, were the emotions that would arise within me when things was not so good. This I thought was due to a lack of communication and the inability to listen in awkward moments. I shared this with Trevor and explained my patterns of behaviors. He asked me some questions about my childhood and said that I might benefit some sessions with him. It was very clear to me, that my childhood experiences was still getting in the way of my relationships today. I am today very afraid at times from rejection and love from others. Trevor said he could help and support me around this trauma that was still effecting my life 48 years later on.  

I won't pretend that I did not think to myself that how can this help me or give me freedom from some of the painful memories and experiences I had as a child. I have shared a lot and did a lot of written work around my past through the 12 step programme but my past was still at the forefront of my mind, and seemed to still be relevant in my behaviors especially with siblings. So in this sense I had nothing to lose by working with Trevor.  

I remember Trevor sitting me down and giving me a questionnaire of around 10 questions. He explained to me the process about revisiting my childhood especially those memories that were still painful. During our sessions the room was peaceful and tranquil and allowed me to feel comfortable and safe. The experience of the 'tapping' of my head, chest, and face in the first instance was a little strange as it was not something I had ever done before, but then it became something comfortable, relaxing and at times I could feel the tension of my past experiences lifting.  

Trevor's process allowed me to stop and recognise that I do not need to continue to behave or feel the victim of my past. In respect of my relationships with my siblings, especially my sister, i have found some inner peace. I no longer feel awkward, uncomfortable and responsible around her. I am able to nurture healthier relationships with my children, in particular my son. And I have found and I no longer live in the past of my experiences but live with my past experiences. For anyone who has experienced trauma, I would recommend this gentle, loving therapeutic journey.

Jay's Story of addiction and trauma.

I had been in recovery for 15 years from addiction. Due to childhood trauma I experienced traumatic experiences on a daily basis has a child at a very young age. Their were many painful sad devastating experiences growing from sexual abuse too violent abuse from various family members. When I started the journey of recovery it had become apparent that if I wanted to fully recover I had too revisit those experiences. I had many sessions that involved years of counselling sessions. Even though I looked at these childhood traumas i could not find any peace or resolution and continued to be deeply affected by those experiences resulting in depression attempted suicide self loathing no self worth or esteem developing emotionally unstable personality disorder. I had tried hypnosis acupuncture more counselling to no avail.

Nothing seemed to work . I heard about EFT and was willing to anything has it was a destructive force in my life. I could not maintain relationships with women I was full of anger I had no acceptance of myself and did not understand why me and blamed myself for what had happened. I was willing to try anything. I was very sceptical but I was desperate nothing had worked before so why would this. It felt really strange having this kind of therapy and had no idea of the impact it would have on me and my life

. Obviously at first it was strange working with Trevor has with all things new I was quite apprehensive. Though Trevor was very gentle and reassuring and tentative towards me and the issues I was looking at in great depth which was very difficult and tearful at times. While working with Trevor it became apparent that we had similar journeys and had much in common which was comforting and I believe it helped the process. Trevor was professional at all times and was very attentive to my needs. I felt Trevor had his own motivation to wanting to work and help other people who needed help in all areas regardless of what they were suffering or struggling with and I felt Trevor was doing this has just not a financial means of earning a living but actually cared about people.


For me the therapy impacted myself and life in a way I never believed. The old negative thoughts ideas child trauma which had such a negative impact on my life were not there anymore and are not their to do this day. The matrix imprinting was amazing regarding a childhood trauma that I could not understand or deal with.


Just this minute i was talking to my partner about the dramatic change and shift in me as a person. I no longer give my power away to those that harmed me. I got a better understanding of myself . I have more self worth, I am more confident outgoing and forgiving.. I've learned that I am a nice good person and today have a very positive outlook on life.  I feel very fortunate and grateful for Trev's time and patience.

A Mothers Story of hope for her Son.

My son has been trapped in the vicious cycle of drugs for 5 years, constant battle as the drugs he took Destroyed him and everything around him Public services just couldn't seem to help, they treat the child drug user as an adult and so unless their willing to engage there's nothing they can do


Being an EFT practitioner I know the benefits of tapping and getting my son to agree to start working in this way was initially a battle on it own, how does tapping on your face while talking about what's going on going help!' BUT it has and it does Trevor has engaged really well with my son, and he taps We've had 4 sessions so far, progress is slow but effective, and being committed to the program/therapy is essential We've gone from daily drug use to 2/3 times a week so this is progress.


My son started experimenting with drugs when he was 12, he thought the drugs were helping him escape the outside world, and his inside thoughts Tapping with Trevor has helped clear and sooth the emotional charge which is starting to make way for new beginnings Changing old habits laced with drugs is not easy, Trevor has helped make this process comfortable and achievable, creating a safe space for my son to explore his unresolved emotions.

It's a tough journey for a young person to do alone and so I would recommend Trevor to any family who needs that help, support and connection We work on Skype due to travel distance, this hasn't been a barrier to therapy, in fact my son had preferred on line working, Trevor has been accommodating and flexible, while keeping strong firm boundaries, Trevor has supplied additional resources for support in between sessions.

All names and pictures are changed for privacy reasons.