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I love stories and I believe they are an important part of life’s learning but before I digress let’s have a look at this story. I don’t know where I heard it but I have an idea it was a tape recording of someone sharing about their life. Anyway hopefully I will remember it accurately, it was some time ago but has stayed with me for some reason. It starts with a young pregnant mother who also has a 3/4 year old who keeps asking the mother “when the baby comes can I be alone with it” The youngster was persistent and the mother agrees but she was a little concerned and so when the baby girl arrived they allowed her sister to sit next to the crib with her new born sister but they also put a ba

If Acceptance is The Key to Freedom, Then Forgiveness is The Key to Peace.

I try to write in a way that gives hope and shows that every feeling and every way of being is subject to change. I have learned that we are surrounded by a sea of energy that flows around us and through us, we are energetic beings with an innate ability to heal ourselves and the new Quantum Sciences are proving it. We are transmitting and receiving information that is creating what we see in front of us and these signals are all dependant on our thoughts and feelings, these are the signals that we send out and because like attracts like, so be careful what you send out because that will be what you experience more of. So enough of that and back to the original subject which started a coupl

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