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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is self-help in a new way – it is not about ideas, theories or positive thinking, rather it is a simple, easy-to-learn practical tool that really works. By focusing your mind on problem areas while applying pressure with your fingertips to specific acupressure points on your body you will discover how you can influence your physical and emotional well-being. You will learn to reconnect your mind with your body’s messages, restoring harmony where stress and anxiety or other unwanted feelings and negative states may have prevailed. Understanding that the remedy really can be in your own hands is very empowering. WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM EFT AND WHAT CAN IT DO FOR

Chameleons and using ways to numb out our feelings.

Becoming a chameleon and numbing out are two ways of coping with feelings we don’t want to confront but will keep us from ever finding resolution or peace in our lives. I was speaking to someone a couple of days ago who reminded me of myself and I started to look at ways I have behaved in the past. This lady was talking about feeling like a “chameleon” in that, she had the ability to fit in to any situation by acting according to how she thought she would be accepted by the other people in the room. We were saying how exhausting this is and feeling like an actor in a play but never being able to be authentic. This feeling deep down that we were not enough and that we had to be someone else t

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