I love stories and I believe they are an important part of life’s learning but before I digress let’s have a look at this story. I don’t know where I heard it but I have an idea it was a tape recording of someone sharing about their life. Anyway hopefully I will remember it accurately, it was some time ago but has stayed with me for some reason. It starts with a young pregnant mother who also has a 3/4 year old who keeps asking the mother “when the baby comes can I be alone with it” The youngster was persistent and the mother agrees but she was a little concerned and so when the baby girl arrived they allowed her sister to sit next to the crib with her new born sister but they also put a baby monitor in the room so they could hear what was happening. So this little girl that was so insistent that she needed to be alone with this baby started to speak to the baby and this is what she said…. “Hello little sister, can you tell me what God looks like because I am finding it hard to remember”

I am not totally sure why this story had such an impact on me but it did and it still does today. I think at that time in my life there was a longing inside of me to be connected to something and I didn’t know what that was or how to do it. I wasn’t a fan of any particular religion and in fact was quite cynical about most of them but all the same I knew I needed a connection and the journey began and in all honesty is still continuing.

I think except for a very few enlightened beings the majority of us are stumbling about in the dark looking for answers in all the wrong places. We all have this yearning for something that will make us feel complete but it always seems to be just out of reach or maybe we have lost sight of what we really need, maybe we have forgotten what it was that we had when we were children. As we grow up and become adults we have forgotten who we really are and end up with the majority on the road to nowhere!

We are told that to be happy and contented we need more money, more possessions, just more, more, more, of everything but these things never but these things never content us for long and for some of us wealth is out of reach but we are all trapped in the hustle and bustle of life, that sense of constant urgency, and anxiety. We become overwhelmed with feelings of not doing enough, not earning enough, not accomplishing enough, just not being enough! Then on top of that add the “comparison element” if I had so and so’s job or I was as smart as him or as pretty as her or had that car or that job. We create an atmosphere of scarcity and lack that drives us to try harder, work harder and here we are in the “rat race” of life, chasing our tails. We have fallen into the trap of believing what others have told us to do and who to be. We have been tricked into believing that all the answers are out there somewhere. Well they aren’t and although I am not against wealth and material things I know they are not the key to true happiness.

Whether you believe this or not doesn’t really matter but we are not human beings with a spirit, we are spiritual beings in a human body. We were born perfect with a connection to spirit, you can call it by whatever name you chose but we have a connection that needs nourishing and when we make worldly things more important than nourishing our spirit our soul, then we are denying a part of us and we suffer as a result.

It’s hardly surprising that so many people are suffering with anxiety and depression, last year alone 7.9 million prescriptions were handed out for these illness and that is double the number from 10 years ago.

I believe we are on a tipping point and that people are starting to realise that things need to change. We can do this one person at a time starting with you! If we start by taking a few minutes out of our busy schedules to sit in a quiet place and just be with ourselves and work on the light that we all have deep inside us, we all carry it but it needs nurturing because right now it might be just a tiny flicker but always know this it can never be extinguished it is always there waiting for you.

I love being in nature, it is my favourite way of connecting with something powerful and nurturing at the same time, mother earth is a living organism and taking time to enjoy her company nourishes my soul/spirit.

is a living organism and taking time to enjoy her company nourishes my soul/spirit.

I meditate but lack discipline so it is sporadic, I like listening to music especially Kertan music, Krishna Das is my favourite.

I practice EFT (tapping) as my go to technique for clearing anything that might be getting in the way of my peaceful day.

We are not only spiritual beings but we are energy, on the smallest scale everything is energy and that includes us. We are only on this earth for a short period of time but our spirits/souls are eternal because energy can never be created nor destroyed, so it makes sense that this is where we need to be putting our attention.

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