Mental illness runs in our family

Unresolved Trauma runs in your family

You can heal and pass down healthy


I saw this on a poster during mental health week and I shared it because it addresses more than one subject.

The first part is “ Mental illness runs in our family” had a line through it but I couldn't replicate it here! there are a lot of people out there that are under the illusion that there mental illness has been inherited, well they are half right but the problem is if they believe they have inherited genetically then they won’t look for a solution to their problems.

They will have resigned themselves to taking medication for the rest of their lives to deal with the symptoms of their problems. Remember medication only deals with symptoms they don’t cure anything, Doctors want you to keep coming back time and time again. If you believe that this is just the way it is, my Mum or my Dad were the same way and so were there Mums and Dads, so it must be genetic. WRONG!

The second part is the truth and that is “unresolved Trauma runs in your family” We know that these unresolved Traumas wreak havoc on our nervous system and are responsible for so many illnesses in the body as well as mental health illnesses. The problem is if you have convinced yourself it is genetic then you have cut yourself off from ever looking for a solution.

There is a guy called Bruce Lipton he is a cellular biologist that wrote a book called “The biology of belief” a must read but I digress, he says that only around 4% of any illnesses are genetic and he explains why in that book.

The third part of this poster answers some of the questions you might be asking yourself “you can heal and pass down healthy patterns” This is a really powerful statement and I will try to explain why.

When the biggest study on the effects of unresolved childhood study was done in 1997 with 17,000 volunteers, (The ACE Study) It highlighted just how it impacted on health in later life including addictions, heart disease, mental health and suicide to name a few but also highlighted something else that is even more shocking. If we have unresolved Trauma or a high number of ACEs which stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences and because we don’t do anything about them, we then pass them on to our children because we are playing out patterns of behavior that our parents passed to us. We then go on to pass them on to our children and if we don’t address and heal these areas of our lives they will pass them on to their children and the cycle continues.

For many of us we have no idea how the symptoms of our unresolved trauma is affecting our children. So as you can see it’s not genetic it is passed down through us by the symptoms and behaviours of our own unresolved traumas, but we can break this chain once and for all but first we need to acknowledge that we have a treatable problem and then to take action for it by asking for help.

We are not responsible for what happened to us but we are responsible for what we do about it!

I will tell you without a doubt that I passed on some of my ACEs to my children and had no idea what I was doing. I was angry and would lose my temper, I swore I would never hit my children but the way I spoke to them was abusive. I know that the damage was done and it is one of my biggest regrets but I also know that if they find themselves struggling with something from the past I am here with a solution because not only am I an advanced EFT Practitioner but my wife Cindy is trained in it too, so they are in good hands.

When I was at the end of my tether with what I thought was a major drug problem. I now know that to be a misdiagnosis on my part because what I had was a major unresolved Traumas and I was self medicating myself. I began to realise this because after I put the drugs down some 30 years later, I still had all the same problems the same behaviors and when the Traumas were finally resolved everything else started to improve. It never happened overnight, don't get me wrong but I can only explain it as once the traumas had been resolved with my EFT Therapist it was if my whole body and mind was gradually re calibrating them selves. I was experiencing what it felt like to be free for the first time in a long time.

In a few weeks I will be 23years in recovery and to me recovery is what I eat what I drink and the most important part what I think. Mental Health is an internal job, I had to have go within many times and still do today for my answers and so will you.