The degree of happiness in our lives is determined by our thoughts! Those thoughts create our emotions and the emotions create behaviours. If the behaviours we are displaying as a result of the emotions we are feeling are not serving us, we need to change the thinking that created the problem in the first place. Remember thoughts are the language of the brain, while emotions are the language of the body.

Science is at last starting to catch up with what Chinese Medicine has known for 5,000 years and that is that the mind and body are connected and cannot be treated separately. This means that you cannot treat one without the other and this is where conventional medicine is failing. They have psychiatrists for the mind and doctors for the body but it is the whole person that needs healing.

If we want to make any significant changes in our lives, there is one single thing that is fundamental to achieving those changes and that is to address the negative programmes from unresolved past experiences trapped in our subconscious minds.

This is where the root to your unhappiness lies and this is where you will begin to find contentment, once the obstacles that have trapped you in these cycles of fear and pain for so long are removed.


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Emotional Freedom Technique

E.F.T. also described as "Energy Psychology" works with the mind and body simultaneously and is for this reason that it is so effective.

E.F.T. is a very powerful technique but deceptively simple. A beginner could quickly pick it up and work on reducing stress levels in a short period of time. It starts simply by tapping with two fingers on certain points (accupoints) on the face and body.  These points are the same points that are used in acupuncture and that Chinese Medicine have been using for 5000 years. They are also the portals to our bodies energetic pathways (Meridians). These energy pathways are in dynamic interplay with your cells, organs, moods and thoughts.  When we move these energies we can improve your health, emotions and state of mind.

Everyone I work with leaves with a working knowledge of how to use EFT in their personal lives and those that use it tell me how much it benefits them in the day to day stresses of life.

Matrix Re-imprinting

Matrix Re-imprinting is not separate to EFT but it is able to access the subconscious mind on a much deeper level.  Other areas it is especially effective with trauma and identifying negative beliefs.  Changing these negative beliefs is paramount in making the real changes we want to see in our personal lives.  When we treat the thoughts, memories and beliefs (mind) together with the emotions which are energy in the body (Meridians) and they become balanced once more the body has an innate ability to heal itself and sometimes even physical ailments will begin to fall away. We really can have hope that a simple technique could transform our future.


You will soon come to realise that your thoughts are creating your reality every minute of every day and have been doing throughout your life.  Once you have done the work necessary to change the old ways of thinking, you can begin to create a new way of being and finally move towards your hopes and dreams without the hindrance of old programmes and limiting beliefs.

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