Trevor Tacey

Welcome my name is Trevor and I founded Real Changes for Life. as a direct result of my own personal life struggles, I am passionate about what I am now doing because I know it works and I am lucky enough to see it making a difference in peoples lives every day

I feel a connection with those I work with because of the fact that I have experienced a lot of the problems that they might currently be having to try and deal with.

What inspires me to do this work is a total belief in the power of the techniques that we use and an overwhelming desire to help as many people as possible to find their own peace and happiness. Many of those I see have lost hope and have tried lots of different ways to overcome their problem and in some cases I have become the last resort!



Before I found EFT I had lost hope and I had been told by numerous people that I was a lost cause but they were wrong and it was a lie, I have seen my own life transform beyond anything I could have possibly have imagined and I have been fortunate enough to see it happening in those I work with.

So these are the techniques that have were used on my own journey and I am only using these same techniques when I work with you because I know that they work. The healing power of EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting never cease to amaze me and I continue to use them on myself whenever the need arises.  After all life is still happening!

I have seen some wonderful transformations as a result of clearing out negative thoughts, programmes and beliefs, that have accumulated over the years. 

I am 100% convinced that unresolved trauma is the number one cause of most if not all stress related illnesses, addictions and in turn contributes to a variety of physical illnesses.

My professional path has taken many forms over the previous 18+ years.  Each path has been dedicated to some form of personal growth and development.  Real Changes for Life is a way of combining everything I have learned over these years including my life experiences and putting it all into a working practice that will produce the maximum results for the people I work with.


I am a certified Practitioner in: Advanced EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Law of Attraction, EFT for Addiction Treatment, Life Coaching, I have a Diploma in Drug, Solvent and Alcohol Abuse Counselling and a Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Counselling.


Cindy Tacey

My name is Cindy and my husband Trevor and I have been married now for the past 30+years.  It was as a result of observing Trevor’s journey and seeing the powerful results that EFT had had on him after working through some past traumas.


This inspired me and I decided that I needed to train in this amazing technique and then went on to become a practitioner in 2009.


From these early beginnings, Trevor and I decided that this was what we wanted to do, to build our own family run business in order to be able to help other people that may be suffering in the same way.

Although I saw the changes that could take place in EFT, I also had an interest in nutrition.  Food has always been a passion for me and I love to cook.  I had an idea about how important this is, but didn’t realise how profound it is not just as a life giving source but how it can affect you both physically and psychologically.  There began my training!


I am am an accredited counsellor with the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals, a qualified nutritionist and hold a diploma and advanced diploma in this field.  I have also trained in another holistic therapy – Indian Head Massage.


Whilst I specialise in the field of addictions, knowledge of nutrition has been helpful within my line of work as there is a distinct correlation between nutrition and addiction and other stress related illnesses.


There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the changes that have been made in someone’s life and knowing that you have played a part in their journey into recovery and better health using all these techniques.